Hello, welcome to the first post from BeVeryFit. At the time of this writing there is currently a pandemic sweeping the world called COVID-19. Which is forcing everyone to workout from home.

Today I wanted to give away a free at home workout routine that you can with very little equipment. Please note if you have any injuries to your knees as an example certain exercises may not be suitable for you in this workout routine. If that is the case click here for a 14 day free trial and I will create a custom workout routine and meal plan for you.

At home workout routine:

Chest – Push ups
Back – Pull ups
Shoulders – Pike push ups
Legs – Squats or walking lunges
Biceps – Chin ups
Triceps – Dips between chairs

3 sets total, 3 times a week (M,W,F)

To lose weight: Do it as fast as you can in a circuit type of style

To gain weight: Take 45-60 second rests in between sets and really concentrate on the contraction